Globus Data Transfer Tool

Globus is a powerful data transfer tool that has a wide range of support for popular storage systems and a simple graphical user interface. Using Globus is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Set-up your Globus Account 2. Find or Set-up Endpoints 3. Transfer your Files & More

Getting Started and Signing In

Globus is primarily used via its web interface, though it is possible to download a personal client or use command line tools. 1. Navigate to the Globus website ( and click Log in.

  • Select your organization Oak Ridge National Laboratories from the drop-down menu and select Continue.

  • Use your UCAMS username and password to log in.

    • If you have an existing Globus account, you may choose to link them at this time, or skip to the next step, by clicking No thanks, continue.

  • Accept the user agreement and Continue. The next screen with ask you to Allow permissions.

For a list of common Endpoints or if you'd like to learn how to use Globus Endpoints, click here for our guide.

📝 Note: If you can not login to the DTN, but can to other CCLA systems (like the login nodes), your account may have been temporarily blocked on the DTN. This occurs, for example, upon too many failed password attempts. If so, contact the CCLA.