The HPC is a commodity cluster that contains a set of MPPs (Massive Parallel Processors).

A processor in this cluster is commonly referred to as a node and has its own CPU, memory, and I/O subsystem and is capable of communicating with other nodes.

Node Information

  • Make: Dell PowerEdge

  • Model: SC 2435

RAM Information

  • Type: DDR2

  • Speed: 667 MHz

  • Capacity: 8GB

CPU Information

  • Make: AMD

  • Model: Opteron 2220 SE

  • Speed: Up to 2.8GHz

  • CPU layout: Dual Core

  • Make: AMD

  • Model:Opteron 2354

  • Speed: Up to 2.2GHz

  • CPU layout: Quad Core


  • Ethernet Interconnects