Managing Jobs

HPC utilizes Slurm to manage jobs that users submit to various queues on a computer system. Each queue represents a group of resources with attributes necessary for the queue's jobs. Doane's Onyx HPC only has one queue to worry about.

📝 Note: Do not run jobs on the head node. All jobs launched from this node will be terminated without notice.

Listing jobs

To list all jobs:


To refine the list of jobs to only those submitted by a user:

squeue -u username

To obtain the status of a job, run the following command using the job's ID number (this is provided at time of job submission).

squeue <jobnumber>

Submitting a job

To submit a job, use the sbatch command, followed by the name of your submission file. A Job ID will be provided. You may want to make note of the ID for later use.

sbatch your_script

Deleting a job

📝 Note: Be aware that deleting a job cannot be undone. Double check the job ID before deleting a job.

Users can delete their jobs by typing the following command.

scancel <jobnumber>

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