IU/TACC Atmosphere on Jetstream

IU/TACC Jetstream Graphical User Interface

  1. Navigate your favorite browser to https://use.jetstream-cloud.org, this is the Jestream Graphical User Interface Atmosphere. Jetstream Homepage

  2. Next, click on the "Login with XSEDE" button highlighted with an orange box in the image below. Highlighting the Login with XSEDE button

  3. Once on the XSEDE page, make sure "XSEDE" is listed in the dropdown menu highlighted in the image below. Make sure XSEDE is selected as the organization

  4. Click on the "Continue" button, again highlighted in orange. Click continue to move on

  5. You will be redirected to an XSEDE login page, enter your XSEDE Username and Password here. Enter your XSEDE credentials in the fields provided

  6. Once you have entered your credentials, click "SIGN IN" Click the sign in button shown

  7. You will now be redirected to the Atmosphere Dashboard with information about your allocation and any previous work you might have done with Jetstream. View of the Jetstream Dashboard in Atmosphere

  8. From the menu highlighted by the orange box in the image below, we can navigate to this dashboard, your projects, a listing of Virtual Machine Images, and the Help page. Highlighting the navigation menu, from left to right Dashboard, Projects, Images, and Help

  9. We should now select the "Images" button to go look at the list of available Virtual Machine Images. Click on the Images button

  10. The "Images" page by default lists 100 Virtual Machine images that are being featured. Below the Navigational menu, we can see we have a new menu which from left to right let us navigate to "Search" or the current page, a "Favorites" page, "My Images" page, "My Image Requests" page, or the "Tags" page. highlighting the VM Images navigation menu, from left to right Search, Favorites, My Images, My Image Requests, Tags.

You now have successfully logged into the Atmosphere GUI for Jetstream and have access to a wide selection of Virtual Machines to run on this system. For more information about finding, favoriting, and running virtual machines take a look at our next section Using Jetstream Virtual Machines.