To properly utilize HPC Condos, you will need a couple of utilities loaded on your local machine. These utilities are free and widely used for this type of application.

  • Required: SSH client

  • Recommended: Bash terminal

MacOS and Linux

Both macOS and Linux distributions include a Bash terminal and an SSH client by default. No additional software should be required to access HPC Condos.

Windows Users

Windows does not have a native SSH client or a native Bash terminal. A few solutions are linked below.

  • Option 1: PuTTY - SSH client and Bash environment for Windows.

  • Option 2: MobaXterm - A generally friendly client with automatic X-11 forwarding and built-in FTP interface.

  • Option 3: Git Bash – Part of the Git for Windows environment includes Git Bash, which provides a light weight ssh client.

  • Option 4: Cygwin – If you wish to have Bash-style functions on your Windows machine, then you should consider installing Cygwin, which ports the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) system calls and environment to Windows.