Globus Transfers & More

Globus File Transfers

  1. Find the endpoints (on the left and right of the screen) you wish to use according to the endpoints instructions.

  2. Modify the paths to the data you wish to transfer. For this example, we will move a file from CCLA Lustre storage to a Globus Tutorial endpoint.

  3. Click and drag files/folders between the two halves of the screen.

Additional Features

  • Create a Folder: Globus also supports the creation of folders from within the browser interface.

  • Sharing Endpoints: You can share endpoints with anyone who has a Globus account. If you are sharing from a managed endpoint (i.e. CCLA OR) he or she will also need to have the proper credentials to access that resource.

    📝 Note: Shared endpoints can only be created on personal endpoints if you have a subscription service through Globus. On CCLA resources, shared endpoints may be requested by contacting the CCLA.

    • Sharing a personal endpoint:

      • Navigate to the endpoint list that is administered by yourself: here.

      • Click on the endpoint you would like to manage.

      • On the resulting screen, click the My Shares tab. Then click + Add Shared Endpoint.

      • Fill out the required information.

      • Follow the instructions for configuring the shared endpoint. For additional information of sharing files and endpoints, see the Globus documentation.